The Post-Apocalyptic Book Club out and about:

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30/11/2012 – Party Like There’s No Tomorrow – Twenty Ways to Usher in the End of the World in London – The Evening Standard

07/04/2013 – Review of Apocalypse Now… Or Never at the Natural History Museum by 4th Horsemen Press

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21/05/2013 – Meet the Judges “The End Of The World” – The Red Line Magazine

25/04/2014 – Video about the Post-Apocalyptic Book Club made by students at Kingston University.

22/06/2014 – Write up of Dark Societies with Tom Pollock, M.R. Carey and Samantha Shannon at Waterstones Piccadilly.

08/10/2014 – Gloomy London: Pessimistic things to do this autumn.  The Evening Standard

10/11/2015 – BOOK CLUBS THAT AREN’T FOR TOTAL NERD LOSER BOYS*. Mr Hyde – The In The Know Email For The Cultured Man